API Gateway

The Gestalt API Gateway is a wrapper for pluggable API Gateway functionality. This enhances Cloud Native development of services for enterprises both for accessing Gestalt Lambdas and for accessing customer services.

What is an API Gateway?

An API Gateway is a a proxy for registering and accessing REST services. It provides the ability to enhance and manage access to services. These enhancements can include security checks, monitoring, logging, rate limiting, etc.

How do I use it?

  • Add your API to the Gateway
  • Add Plugins on the API
  • Make a request

Kong API Gateway

The Gestalt API Gateway uses the open source Kong API Gateway as its default provider. Kong is based on NGINX and runs on a variety of platforms including the cloud.

Gestalt API Gateway

Kong provides the following functionalities via plugins:

  • Authentication
    • Basic Auth
    • HMAC Authentication
    • Key Authentication
    • JWT
    • OAuth 2.0
    • LDAP
  • Security
    • ACL
    • CORS
    • Dynamic SSL
    • IP Restriction
    • Bot Detection
  • Traffic Control
    • Rate Limiting
    • Response Rate Limiting
    • Request Size Limiting
  • Analytics & Monitoring
    • Galileo
    • Datadog
    • Runscope
  • Transformations
    • Request Transformer
    • Response Transformer
    • Correlation ID
  • Logging
    • TCP
    • UDP
    • HTTP
    • File
    • Syslog
    • StatsD
    • Loggly

Kong also supports custom plugins built in the LUA scripting language.

Kong API Gateway site