Gestalt Platform Installation Requirements

Gestalt is a cloud native platform that is deployed as a set of containers on top of any CaaS solution. Gestalt offers automated installers for most popular CaaS platforms. The platform can be run on a windows/mac laptop with just Docker (Swarm or Docker w/Kubernetes support) or via mini-Kube. The platform can also be installed on bare metal, virtualized, as well as public cloud providers.

Gestalt Platform relies on external services for several functions:

External Component Function
One or more CaaS Providers for Continer Orchestration Required
PostgreSQL database for Gestalt Platform Recommended for production deployments
Active Directory / LDAP if using a third-party authentication provider Recommended for production deployments
One or more Lambda artifact repositories Recommended (required for package lambdas, but not for in-line lambdas)
ElasticSearch instance for Lamba logging Recommended (required for viewing lambda logs, but not container logs)

Supported Caas Platforms

  • Kubernetes

    • GKE (Google)
    • GKE via Google Marketplace
    • EKS (Amazon)
    • AKS (Microsoft)
    • Red Hat Openshift
    • Canonical Kubernetes
    • Minikube
    • Kubernetes on Docker Desktop
  • DC/OS

    • Mesosphere DC/OS 1.9-1.10 CE & EE
  • Docker Swarm - Docker 17.12

Lambda Artifact Repository

A lambda artifact repositry should provide the following:

  • A stable HTTP or HTTPS endpoint to a lambda artifact, requiring no authentication.

  • Low-latency network connection between the CaaS provider cluster and the artifact repository is recommended.

Example repositories: Amazon S3, Minio, Github, Gitlab, OpenStack Swift, Artifactory.

ElasticSearch for Lambda Logging

An Elastic Search cluster (or single-node instance) is required in order to collect and view Lambda logs. The ElasticSearch service must be accessible by the CaaS provider cluster that hosts the Gestalt Laser service. See the guides for additional information on configuring Lambda logging.

PostgreSQL Database

Gestalt Platform provides a database instance out of box which is suitable for non-production deployments. For production deployments, an external database is strongly recommended. Amazon RDS is recommended for production AWS deployments.

Browser Requirements

The Gestalt UI works with any of the javascript enabled browsers below:

  • Chrome 48+

  • Firefox 44+

  • Safari 9.3+

  • Edge 12+

  • IE 11 - best effort support

It is highly recommended to use the latest stable browser release for an optimal experience.