The Gestalt CaaS adapter uses components of the Docker remote API that are only available in Swarm mode. However, the composition contained here assumes that the local machine is part of the swarm, in order to have predictable addressing. This assumption will be relaxed in later versions, but it serves the current "developer laptop" use case. Therefore, it is recommended that this composition is used on "swarms of one".

If you would like assistance evaluating the Gestalt platform using Docker Swarm, please contact us in Slack or from the Contact Us link on our webpage.


  1. Clone this repo:
git clone
  1. Customize service initialization using the variables at the bottom of the docker-compose.yml file. IMPORTANT: Be sure to change password defaults, especially if deploying to a publically visible machine.
  2. Start the system with the command:
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up --force-recreate --build

After you see the message gestaltdocker_bootstrap_1 exited with code 0 you should be able to point your browser at http://localhost and log in with the credential set in the docker-compose.yml file (ADMIN_USERNAME and ADMIN_PASSWORD, set to root:root by default).


Because the Gestalt platform deploys services outside of docker-compose, these must be removed manually.

The core platform services can be stopped like so:

docker-compose down

Meta developer mode

For local meta dev, modify the docker-compose-metadev.yml and localmeta.rc file to include your IP address.

Source localmeta.rc and run meta. Then start the stack with:

docker-compose -f ./docker-compose-metadev.yml up --force-recreate --build