DCOS Universe Installer


You will need a DCOS installation with Marathon running and at least 4gb RAM and 4 cores free. Optional: If you want to use CALICO support then you will need to install "CALICO" and "etcd" from DCOS Universe.

Installation Steps

1. Find "gestalt-framework" in the "DCOS Universe" tab
2. (optional) Build out Postgres container separately (for production builds)
3. (optional) Build out Messaging container (default RabbitMQ) separately (for production builds)
4. Click Install
5. Customize Options (if needed)

Step 1 - Find "gestalt-framework"

- Found in the "DCOS Universe" tab

Step 4 - Activate Installer

- Click Install button

Step 5 - Customize Options

Customization Options

    * service options
Field Description
name Sets service name for this installation
mesos-master Uses running Mesos master
marathon-url Uses running Marathon provider
tld Marathon top-level domain
cpu-limit-framework CPU limit
    * database options
Field Description
todo xxx
    * security options
Field Description
todo xxx
    * JVM options
Field Description
todo xxx

Step 6 - Check Installation

6. The installer will deploy the following containers:
    * Gestalt Security
    * Gestalt Policy
    * Gestalt Meta
    * Gestalt Laser
    * Gestalt API-Gateway
    * Gestalt-UI
    * Gestalt-Data (Postgres)
    * Rabbit MQ
    * Kong API Gateway
    * API-Proxy

Step 7 - Check Gestalt Scheduler

Found under the "DCOS Services" tab.

Services tab


It may take a minute for it to appear depending on your network. If you click on the little window to the right of the scheduler service it will take you to the status page for the scheduler.*

Status page

Gestalt has two schedulers, the gestalt service and the laser service. Outside of those twos everything else is a normal container. We use Marathon to deploy and manage our own services. The default install location in Marathon is /gestalt. You should see this in Marathon if everything is working correctly.


Step 8 - Launch Gestalt UI in web browser

The UI container is the primary interface for gestalt. You can access it by clicking on the link in the scheduler, or by finding it's IP:Port in the Marathon UI.


Step 9 - Log into Gestalt

To help you get started we automatically add a couple of providers during the deployment process, including a DCOS adapter for the Marathon node we used, and a Kong Provider, so that you can immediately begin to deploy and test lambdas. You can find these providers by clicking on the providers tab for the root org.



You have installed and verified the Gestalt. Please contact us if you have had any problems or feedback on the installation process.