Installing on DC/OS EE 1.9 / 1.10 (Permissive Mode)

DNS Requirement:

You'll need a common DNS solution for both the cluster and users of the cluster. The following need to resolve (from user and cluster) to marathon-lb public agent or load balancer in front of them:

  • *.{domain}

Or, if your DNS environment doesn't allow wildcards, then the following are the minimum DNS entries needed:

  • {domain}
  • gtw1.{domain}
  • default-laser.{domain}

For example, if you choose as the DNS location, then the following DNS entries are needed

  • *





Installation Procedure:

1) Edit dcos-ee-laucher-permissive.json, specifically the following:

  • MARATHON_TLD - Set to the desired host/domain of the environment (e.g. Note: This must resolve to either Marathon LB/public agent, or a load balancer fronting Marathon LB/public agent.

  • SECURITY_USERNAME - Set to desired Gestalt admin username

  • SECURITY_PASSWORD - Set to desired Gestalt admin password

2) Run the Gestalt Launcher by DC/OS Dashboard > Services > Run A Service > JSON Configuration

3) Copy and paste the JSON payload and launch the service.

4) Wait for the install to complete.

To check the install status, you can drill down into Services > gestalt-env, then click the button to the right of 'dcos-launcher' to open a status page.

Open Launcher Status

When Gestalt is running, the status page shows services marked as 'healthy':

Install Status

Gestalt License Configuration

1) Login to Gestalt (e.g.

2) Deploy your license - In Gestalt, click the 'i' icon in the top right-hand corner of the web page, then click 'Licensing' Copy and paste the license string from the license file attached in this email Click 'Update' to apply the license