Deploying Containers

Gestalt Platform makes configuring and deploying containers across Kubernetes, Swarm and DCOS easy. In this tutorial we are going to deploy a simple web proxy using the nginx:alpine image. We will then map it to an upstream url using Gestalt's built in Kong Provider.

Pre Requisites

  • You are authenticated and authorized to Gestalt Platform
  • You have already defined a Hierarchy (Org, Workspace, Environment)

Deploy the Container

  1. While in an Environment Select Create Container
  2. Select the desired CaaS Provider you would like to deploy to
  3. Define Name, Instances, CPU, Memory
  4. Enter nginx:alpine for the Image
  5. Under Networking, select BRIDGE for the Network Type (or default for Kubernetes)
  6. Click + Service Mapping and make the Name Web Container Port 80
  7. Click Deploy

You now have a running Container with an exposed service url. Next, we will map it to an api gateway

Map an Upstream URL

  1. In Container Details scroll to the Public Endpoints section
  2. Click + Add Endpoint
  3. Select the desired API and click Next
  4. Enter the Relative Path (e.g. /web). Your final URL will follow this format {kong-provider}/{api-name}/{relative-path}
  5. Select Web as the Container Port Name and Click Finish

Under the Public Endpoints seciton you should now see the Endpoint you created. You can click or copy to clickboard to navigate to the URL using your browser. API Endpoint

You should see the nginx home page!